How to Download and Activate Windows 10 Using Bit ly windows10txt Activator

What is Windows 10 Activator?

Windows is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Windows was released on July 29, 2015, and over 100 million copies have been sold out till the date of release.
Activating your windows with an activation key or product number will give you a full-time life to use it, but there are many disadvantages of using this method, for example, It takes lots of time during installation. If you forgot/lost/invalidated a Product Key, you have to pay money to get another one. It is illegal as well.

So here comes; BitLox Ltd made this software which activates all versions of Windows permanently without any harm done to the computer itself! Moreover, you can also activate other software like office 2016.

bit-ly-windows10txt windows 10 activator

How Do I Activate Windows By Using

• Follow the link here
• When it is opened, you’ll see a large amount of text displayed on
• Press CTRL+A to select all the content. After that, CTRL+C will copy the content.
• Go to your computer and create an outline and then paste the content on it.
• Please save the file using any name you like, but modify it’s an extension.CMD and then open the file to enable windows 10.

Additional Resources for Windows 10 Users

How to Download and Activate Windows Pro For Lifetime – Here, we provided the most detailed guide on downloading and activating windows pro permanently without any harm done. You can download and activate office 2016 as well using the file.
If you have any doubts or queries regarding this article, please ask in the comment section below. We will come back with a solution soon 🙂
That’s all! Thank you for reading our blog post about how to use bit ly windows 10 txt activator. It is a 100% working tool that activates your window edition installed on hardware such as home, student, etc., by assigning it a digital license, not the product key of Microsoft Corporation.

FAQs about Activating Windows 10

Q: Is Windows Activator Free?
A: Yes, it is legal and 100% free software to activate any version of Windows

Q: Does Harm My PC in Any Way?

A: No! It does not affect your computer because it is a lightweight file that activates the window without changing anything on the hardware or operating system. So don’t worry about the permanent activation of Microsoft products using this tool. Just download and enjoy lifetime full activated windows with bit ly windows txt. It’s Working for me. Yeah!! 🙂 I am Activated!!! Activate All Window Versions Permanently Without Harming Computer Using BitLox Txt File Download From Here :

Q: Can I Use For Activating Windows Vista As Well?
A: Yes, You can activate window vista and other versions of windows such as XP, Seven, etc., with this tool

Q: Does The BitLox txt File Work On a 32-bit Operating System?

A: No! It is currently compatible only with 64 bit operating systems, but we will make it available for all versions soon. So stay tuned and keep visiting our website regularly if you want to download the latest updated version of the Bitlox Txt File.