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Bitly Windows8txt Windows 8,8.1 Activator free Download

Windows 8.1 is a redesigned form of Windows 8 and was delivered in 2012. Windows 8 and Windows 7 clients can move up to the new 8.1 form without paying an extra permit expense.

Yet, if your PC isn’t running Windows 8 and you need to introduce Windows 8.1, you need a Windows 8.1 item key.

In this article, you will discover numerous actuation keys for Windows 8.1. Utilize these keys to initiate Windows 8.1 and appreciate the stunning new highlights of this overhauled working framework from Microsoft like (bitly windows8txt).

At the point when you purchase a certifiable duplicate of Windows 8.1, you can discover your item key in these areas: If you purchase a PC with Windows 8.1 pre-introduced, you can track down the sequential key on a sticker the PC. If you purchase a PC from an approved seller, the vendor ought to give the Windows 8.1 item key.

At the point when Windows 8 had delivered – many were amazed. However! Understanding that this is simply one more form and interface issue and another mental stun can be remedied, and very little has changed, and with the arrival of Windows 8.1 working framework, when all is said in done, al has gotten very reasonable for the application. Yet!

For What Reason Do we Have to Actuate Windows 8.1?

Without enactment, all in a similar content shows up on your work area with the form number, Windoversionr s I, on and an engraving that it isn’t actuated, yet notwithstanding this at some unacceptable time on the whole screen, with eager stretches, on top of all Windows springs up a blue screen with the necessity to initiate Windows key (by entering the item key or via bitly windows8txt).

In such a manner, the inquiry emerges: what might be said about the actuation of this item? Also, all stayed still as before a dependable KMS initiation eliminates all unforeseen and irritating updates requesting to go to the settings to enact the item. Help fix every single current rendition and confinement. You can download activator Windows 8/8.1 on the connections underneath. (Simple doesn’t crash with the actuation of a free move up to Windows 10)


  • Convenience.
  • Completely programmed initiation.
  • Capacity Office initiation.
  • Programmed update initiation.
  • The capacity to eliminate the slammed or the old actuation.
  • New highlights of Window 8.1:
  • New applications
  • New music and video applications
  • Overhauled Internet Explorer
  • Improved force shell for upgraded soundness and security
  • This rendition accompanies SkyDrive
  • Upgraded framework wide hunt
  • Improved application store with numerous bugs presently fixed
  • Many added highlights identified with the UI
  • New customization highlights
  • Bugs fixed identified with application snapping and live tile resizing

Guidelines for Use:

  • At the hour of initiation, cripple Windows Defender and antivirus (Click here to get information about how to kill Windows Defender, on the off chance that you need it).
  • Download the record, open it. Ruthe n executable record, and you will download the document with working Activator in it.
  • Unfasten the record (Password for chronicle — windows).
  • Run KMSAuto Net.exe as an overseer.
  • Pick Activation – > Activate Windows using bitly windows8txt.
  • Stand by until the initiation happens – fruitful.
  • In the exchange box Task Scheduler – click Yes – presently, actuation will be naturally refreshed.
  • Fruitful use.

How to initiate windows 8 or 8.1 without an item key?

If you need to introduce and initiate Windows 8.1 on your PC, you can do as such without utilizing an item key. It’s simple, and there are two or three distinct strategies you can attempt. Be that as it may, it doesn’t generally work, so you may need to turn to utilize a Windows 8.1 item key. A Windows 8.1 item key will permit you to enact your working framework without attempting these strategies.

1-Copy the content. Save the document on your PC.

2-Now right-click on the content record and snap the “Rename” choice to make your content for an actuation key

3-Change the name of the record to “Activator.cmd.”

4-If you can’t change the document augmentation from .txt to .cmd, ensure you have empowered this setting in your Windows record program utilizing the accompanying straightforward advances:- Click “View” from the top menu in your document program

– Now go to “Document and organizer choices.”

– another window will show up

– You will see three tabs: General, View, and Search

– Go to the subsequent tab, “View.”

– Under Advanced Settings, you will see the choice to check and uncheck certain settings

– Find “Shroud expansions for realized document types” and uncheck it to show augmentations for all record types

– Now, you can, without much of a stretch, change the augmentation of the record from .txt to .cmd when you rename it

5-Now right-click on the record (presently a .cmd document) and pick “Run as overseer.”

6-The record will run, and you will see a window show up and afterwards vanish on your work area

Windows 8.1 Activators are apparatuses for you to enact your Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 8.

To download Windows 8.1 ISO, you do these means:

(If you introduced Windows 8.1, you could skip it)

Stage 1: You download the instrument is created by by click here

Stage 2: You open this document you download, and pick “Windows 8.1.”

Stage 3: You pick the adaptation Windows 8.1 you need to download (Pro/Single) and select the language of it. At that point, you click “Affirm.”

Stage 4: You pick adaptation Windows 8.1 you need to download (32 bit or 64 digits) at that point you click download => save

Strategy 1: Use code

Instructions to initiate windows 8.1 and 8 without item key 2019

Stage 1: You visit

Stage 2: You duplicate the code above into another content report

code-to-enact windows-8

Stage 3: You pick “Save As” to save it as a bunch document, name “1click.cmd.”

Stage 4: Run the bunch document as director

Run the bunch record as overseer

You can see the outcome

Free Windows 8.1 Product Key

With this strategy, you can actuate :

Windows 8 ( 32 bit and 64 bit )

Windows 8 Pro ( 32 bit and 64 bit )

Windows 8 Enterprise ( 32 bit and 64 bit )

Windows 8.1 ( 32 bit and 64 bit )

Windows 8.1 Pro ( 32 bit and 64 bit )

Windows 8.1 Enterprise ( 32 bit and 64 bit )

Source: How to initiate windows 8.1 without item key

Strategy 2: Use apparatuses

With this strategy, you can enact Windows 8.1 and 8 all variants :

01.Microsoft Toolkit .v2.6.4

Microsoft Toolkit is the best Windows 8.1 Activator (or you may use bitly windows8txt)for you to initiate Microsoft Windows and Office, incorporates Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8/10, and Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016


KMSPico is the absolute best Key Management Service initiation technique (since Vista) based widespread programmed Activator; it upholds all releases of Micro the delicate Office and Windows (like Windows 7/8/8.1/10; Office 2010, 2013, 2016;… ). You should simply only use a  single tick to actuate.

Windows 8.1 Features

1.Windows Store

Windows Store is an advanced circulation stage incorporated into Windows 8, which like Apple’s App Store and Google Play, considers the dissemination and acquisition of applications intended for Windows 8. Engineers can, in any case, promote work area programming through Windows Store too. To guarantee that they are secure and of superior grade, Windows Store will be the solitary method for dispersing WinRT-based applications for shopper arranged adaptations of Windows 8 to activate via bitly windows8txt.

In Windows 8.1, Windows Store includes an upgraded enjoyed application revelation and suggestions and offers programmed refreshes for applications

2.Start Screen

Windows 8 presents another type of start menu called Start screen, which looks like the home screen of Windows Phone, and appears instead of the work area on startup. The work area start screen fills in as the essential technique for dispatching applications and comprises a framework of application tiles that can be masterminded into columnar gatherings; gatherings can be orchestrated with or without bunch names.

Application tiles can either be little (taking up 1 square) or enormous (taking up 2 squares) in measure and can likewise show dynamic substance given by their relating applications, for example, notices and slide shows. Clients can mastermind individual application tiles or whole gatherings. An extra part of the Start screen called “All Apps” can be gotten to using a correct that from the mouse or an upward swipe and will show all introduced applications classified by their names.

3.Task Manager

Windows 8 incorporates an updated adaptation of Task Manager, which includes the accompanying changes:

Errand Manager defaults to a straightforward view which just shows a rundown of PC programs with a window. The extended view is a refreshed adaptation of the past Task Managers with a few tabs.

Asset use in the Bright-click is shown utilizing a warmth map, with more obscure shades of yellow addressing heavier use.

The Performance tab is part of CPU, memory, plate, Ethernet, and remote organization (if pertinent) areas. There are generally charts for each, and tapping on one arrives at subtleties for that specific asset

4.Password Information

Windows 8 shows a “look” button for secret key content boxes, which alternatively permits clients to see passwords as they are entered to guarantee that they are composed effectively. The component can be handicapped using Group Policy.

On the off chance that you need to introduce Windows 8.1/8 (bitly windows8txt) in your pon, your p has the least necessities :

Slam: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32 digit and 2 GB (64 cycle)

Computer processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz)

HDD: 16 GB (32 bit) or 20 GB (64 digit)

VGA: Microsoft DirectX 9, onto.

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