Movavi Video Editor Crack


Generally, a video editor can edit a video and assemble raw recorded video parts into suitable products ready for broadcasting. The raw material may include images, camera footage, sound effects, and graphic arts. Other types of video-editing applications are used.

Movavi Video Editor is a video-editing application also known as MVE. Movavi Video Editor has a user-friendly interface, many readymade effects, and filters for images and videos. You can use MWE on the operating system to edit and restyle videos easily. You can convert your file to any format. Movavi Video Editor crack can be used to record screen videos and easily improve video workflow. MVE comprises all tools required to edit a video for your social media and streaming pages. You can split your videos into small segments and also skip some unwanted clips from the video. You can also apply artistic effects to your video and improve it.

Using Movavi Video Editor, you can add any background to the beginning and end of your video clips. You can also add a sound effect to a movie. It contains a quick-video mode that you can use to make a video using images and background music within a short period.

Why We Use Movavi Video Editor?

Movavi Video Editor is a video editor case that helps you capture videos, record screen videos, create videos from images and photos, create slideshows, and add music to videos. If you want to capture audio from any video, you can use this application. You can revive your preexisting videos. Formats of stored videos can also be changed. You can apply many filters to make your video and image attractive.

System Requirements for Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is an operating system-based application for video and image editing.  You can use this application easily with some basics OS requirements. The operating system for running this application must meet the following needs.

  • Operating system with windows 7/8/10 with up-to-date services packs must be installed on your system.
  • CPU must work with Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz
  • The size of this application is 800 MB, so 1.5GB of system space should be free to install Movavi Video Editor Crack.
  • 1 GB memory RAM is required for processing on windows 7/8.
  • An AMD Radeon R5 M230 graphic card is required for MVE.
  • To capture analog videos, you need a VHS device.
  • To install on PC, the permission of the administrator is required.
  • Display resolution should be 1024×768 and a 32bit color scheme.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

MVE is a video editor application. You can use this application on your PC to restyle your images, edit a video, and apply different effects to your videos. The main features of Movavi Video Editor Crack are as follows.

  • Video Editing

With the help of MVE, you can edit your video as you want. You can rotate your videos by assembling short videos and cutting unwanted segments. Screen recording can also be done. It proved the ease of adding music to a video and changing its volume according to your requirements. Users can also add subtitles to their creations by using MVE.

  • Filters and effects

Movavi Video Editor has efficient filters and effects for your videos and images. It consists of brightness and contrast effects that make your clips professionally attractive. Many results like Denoise, Deblock, and Gamma are available in this excellent video editor, making your images and clips interesting and beautiful.

  • 3D Video Editing

MVE can create 3D clips on your PC by editing an already exciting also.

  • Creating Slideshows

You can create a slideshow using pictures and add music according to your choice. You can add a title at the beginning and end of the video by using the slideshow. Slideshows help us make a video from preexisting images that may be memorable.

  • Converting and Saving Videos in Different Formats

You may need a video converter to change the format of the video. But Movavi Video Editor provides the tools to change your video format with 15 fast, high-quality structures. It does not require any programming skills. It is very easy to use MVE. You must choose a video, preset format, and click the convert button. Your video will be converted to your desired format. You can save this video on your PC and mobile.

  • Saving Videos to your Mobile

Using MVE, you can save your videos on your mobile devices by choosing the supported portable format. For this purpose, MVE provides preset formats that your mobile can support and play videos in.

  • Burning videos to DVD

If you have a large video collection and want to transfer them onto a DVD or see your creations on a video player. You can convert your videos to DVD format. It can save your videos for a long time and allow you to convert large videos to DVD formats. You must choose a video from media files and an output DVD format. The file will be converted into a DVD.

  • Fast processing speed

The processing speed of Movavi Video Editor is too fast as it uses a high-speed Intel core processor. You can edit any video in a very short time and can create a video from preexisting images.

  • Video capturing

With Movavi Video Editor keys, you can record live videos and record videos from DV cameras. You can also revive your preexisting videos. For this purpose, you can use VHS capture devices.

  • Audio Capturing

MVE is an excellent application that captures audio from movies or video clips. You can also capture voice and music from any part of the video with this application easily.

  • Export videos

The best feature of Movavi Video Editor is that you can easily export your saved videos on your Google Drive, Vimeo, and Youtube. Audio can be exported in formats like MP3, WAV, and AAC. A trial version is available free for a month that you can purchase later if you like it regularly.

Pros and Cons of Movavi Video Editor:


  • User-Friendly Interface

Movavi Video Editor has a user-friendly interface. It requires no coding scheme for video editing. There is a simple procedure for all types of editing, format converting, exporting videos, and burning the videos to DVD.

  • Video Tutorial  

There is a demo video tutorial for each task in Movavi Video Editor. You can perform any task of video editing by watching this video tutorial. It makes it easy for a user to understand the function of MVE.

  • Most of the Functions are Automatic

Movavi Video Editor includes automating function. Putting images or video clips it automatically generates a video from them. It consists of the effects of slow motion, speeds up, reverses, and chroma key. You can create slideshows automatically just by giving images.

  • A Library of Effects

MVE has a good library of effects for your images and videos. You can use these effects per your requirements, including weddings, holidays, special events, etc. You can give a clear effect to your video and picture with manual adjustments.

  • Low system Requirements

Movavi Video Editor requires only 250 local disk space and 2GB ram for processing. These requirements are lower than other video editing software with such features.

Cons of Movavi Video Editor

  • High Cost

Movavi Video Editor costs very high as it is an OS-based application and cannot be installed on Android. The graphic cards that are required to work are expensive which makes them costly to perform.

  • Working with HD Videos is Difficult

MVE can easily convert small videos to other formats with high speed in a very short time. But it becomes difficult to handle large videos while changing into HD formats as speeds are too slow. It takes too much time to process.

  • No Light Theme

There are no light themes in MVE to apply to your videos and images. You have to download them from other sites for application.


Movavi Video Editor is the best video editor having all features of editing, creating, and exporting a video. It consists of a library of predefined stickers, effects, filters, and other formats. You can change your video from one form to another. These videos can be saved to your mobile device and burnt to DVD. Slideshows can be created from images, screen recordings, and music and voice can be added to already saved videos.

But still, there is a need to improve some features of Movavi Video Editor as it is costly in the aspect of system requirements. HD formatting has to be improved for large videos. Themes should be stored for videos and images also.