Windows 10 Pro Activator 2021 Free Download (latest)

In computing, the window is a graphical user interface that provides the visual area for processing. It contains different programs manipulated by other input devices. These input devices may include pointing devices. Without a windows operating system, you cannot perform any task on your processor.


Windows 10 pro activator is the latest windows system that is an upgraded version of Windows 8.1 that Microsoft develops. It was released on July 19, 2015, for public use. The Main programing language used in windows 10 pro is C, C++, and C#. You can update this window system easily from Microsoft Store and Windows Update.


System Requirements for Installation of windows 10 pro

To install windows 10 pro, your system should meet some requirements.

  • Operating system

It is essential to install windows 10 pro that your system is already running on an updated version of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1.

  • Processor Speed

Your processor must have a processing speed of 1 gigahertz, or it may be SoC.

  • RAM

If your system is 64-bit, then RAM should be 2 gigabytes. In the case of a 32-bit system required RAM must be 1 gigabyte.

  • Required Hard Disk Space

To install windows 10 pro your system must have hard disk space of 16GB for a 32-bit system and 20 GB free hard disk space for 64-bit.

  • Graphics Card

Graphics card required for windows 10 pro includes DirectX compatible or WDDM1.0 drive.

  • Display resolution

The display resolution of your screen should be 800×600 or greater.

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Features of Windows 10 Pro Activator 2021

Windows 10 is an upgrade version of windows 8.1 which has many features improved in the operating system. It is best than all previous versions of Microsoft Windows.

  • Start Manu

In the previous version of windows, you have to search out the programs with the help of a keyboard on your system. windows 10 pro has solved this problem by introducing the Start Menu that includes all icons of your system’s programs. It consists of the time, calendar, and weather, but you can customize it by adding your desired app. With this feature’s help, you do not have to search the application you want to run. Just open the Start Menu and use the application selecting it from here.

  • Cortana

Cortana is a new feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 pro. With this feature, you can switch to a voice command that enables you to select any application by calling it. You can use this mode for setting a reminder or alarm, send an email, get weather forecasting and tell a joke.

You can easily switch this mode from one setting and can off from here. To get started with Cortana, go to the ground, turn it on, and select the microphone for voice activation.

  • Edge Browser

Microsoft has introduced Edge browser in place of internet explorer. It is the faster and full-featured browser that includes the feature of Cortana. You can use this for sending emails and other purposes. It is the default browser in windows 10 pro Activator, but you can also download another browser if you want to use it.

  • Multitasking and Desktop View

Windows 10 pro includes the feature of multi-desktop views. This allows you to run a task on a new desktop view without any other screen. You can set up a virtual separate desktop site on a single processor.

  • Continuum Mode

Windows 10 pro is best for touch screen laptops and tablets. It allows the function of Continuum mode. This mode helps users who use touchscreen laptops and tablets to switch to giving input by touching the screen without using the keyboard via Cortana.

  • Security improvements

Microsoft has improved the security features of Windows 10 pro to Activator at a higher level. It includes windows defender that works like an antivirus program to protect your system from malware.

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